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Hearing Aid Styles

Finally, a solution for every need 

  • All hearing aid styles available

  • Technology for any budget

  • Finely tuned to compensate for your unique hearing profile  

  • Minimally invasive for all day comfort

  • Nearly invisible

  • Ultra powerful

  • Rechargeability

  • Prescription grade customization

  • OTC "over the counter" options available

RIE - Receiver in the Ear

  • Representing 9/10 hearing aid purchases in the US in 2022 *Marketrak 2022

  • Perfect balance of comfort, clarity, and discretion

  • Preferred by most experienced hearing aid users

  • Favored by clinicians for adaptability to a wide range of hearing needs and easy serviceability

RIC Hearing Aids
Discreet Hearing Aid
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